About - KittyMystic

Who is KittyMystic?

John and I allow our ideas to flow so we may bring unique handmade items to you. Our Tarot & Crystal Bags are a joint effort. That joint effort starts with picking out the fabric for our bags. The next step is all John as he cuts and then as sews the bag. I complete the bags with cording and beading.

Wax Melt Design is kind of a passion of mine as you will see some of them that are more intricate and detail than just a little-molded melt.

I also make two different sprays as well as smokeless incense that we will be offering as well. So keep checking back.

We will also be offering some vintage items as we are two big geeks who know a thing or two about vintage and pop culture. So if we see something that we think someone would love just as much as us we will share it here.

That's our story and I hope you find what you're looking for amongst our creatons.

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